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The common man as well as the industrialists will thrive under the leadership of Modi. At the same time your Ganesha devotee openly and humbly admits that from December 22, to March 23, there could be a complete overhauling of values and power and politics in India. There may be a complete change in the attitude of the Indians and the way the world looks at India. But the final result will be a mighty powerful India which will take its rightful place in the world.

It is during this time that India will definitely be the super power of the world. At the same time India will pay the price for it.

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I am 83 years old. Nothing comes without a price. It will be spirituality and the tolerance of Indian culture which will finally make India very powerful but very human. I openly admit that all my predictions do not come true. Tolerance is the key. Ganesha warns that for, both India and America, air crashes, natural calamities, undercover activities, espionage, secret enemies, riots and rebellion could take a heavy toll.


This is a nasty and ugly picture. But, there is also, as said earlier a brighter side to it. Both of the predictions are very possible. Life and politics is complicated and convoluted complex. There are no easy answers. March, June, September and December are the tough and critical months.

Nawaz Shariff is good for Pakistan. This Capricornian is practical and therefore open to reason and has commonsense. Pakistan is a Sagittarian country.

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Saturn is directionally strong, seventh house indicates west direction. Be that as it may, some persons run after beauty while others run after quality i. Possibly his finest year will be P provider number? Check out latest Celebrity Photos and Videos. There are high chances that you may start a new work with your spouse. Fasting on Purnima day is considered highly auspicious as it bestows incomparable benefits and blessings on the Similarly, the Ascendant of Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn will be auspicious for traveling in the south direction.

The military leader of Pakistan is a Gemini. Around I see a good future for Pakistan. After 30 long years I had been to Pakistan in , thanks to my patron Byram Avari. I found the people very friendly and hospitable. Therefore he got re—elected recently. Benjamin must learn to let go a little and be flexible. Iran has a new leader in Hussain Rohan. Rohan is a Scorpio the exact opposite of Benjamin who is a Taurean. But I believe given compromise and understanding peace is possible. If I could I would lock both these leaders in a room and tell them very sweetly, do not come out till you have signed a peace treaty.

This might be my fantasy.

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I admit it. China will not be able to get better of America.

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Leo Obama will prove his mettle. The actual mix is my very own. America will lead the world. That says it all. Obama is a Leo. Ganesha says that this will be a great and glorious period for Obama and America. But America will be involved in many skirmishes and attacks by terrorists. Yes America has many enemies. America must never drop its guard.

America must always be completely alert. For all its faults and foibles America is the best bet for a safe world. Brazil and Africa are the surprise packages, not China. This may seem like pipe dream.

But if the Israeli leader Ben could go to Chancellor Addenhaur of Germany after the holocaust, the Taliban too can sit across the table and come to some sort of understanding. With the given time and the right climate, the impossible can be made possible. This is very possible by , latest.

I go with my gut feeling. The gut feeling is something like a powerful brain in the stomach. My gut feeling is that the Cancerian German chancellor Merkel has a very important role to play on the chess board of politics. I am convinced that she is a woman of destiny. Victory is yours.

The sexiest women, says Bejan Daruwalla, are from Venus, but when looking into his crystal ball, he sees that has a little something in it for all the ladies out there. The world renowned, revered astrologer and prophesier Shri Bejan Daruwalla in an interview to CNBC-TV18 said the equity markets in will do well after the first three months.

Excerpts:ET Now: was a very good year for the equity markets. Do you think will be very good as well? On Sunday, the Parsi Panchayat of Ahmedabad presented the late Dr Behramgor Sarosh Ankesaria and astrologer Bejan Daruwalla with lifetime achievement awards for their contributions to the Parsi community and humanity.

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About members of the Parsi community in the city attended the event, held at the Parsi Sanatorium, Navrangpura on January Bejan Daruwalla attended with his son Nastur Daruwalla and said he would be passing on his legacy of astrology and predictions to his son with the blessings of the Parsi Samaj. The Scintillating and illuminous power of Jupiter All my life I have been fascinated by the powers of Jupiter as Jupiter is fat and roly - poly like myself!

Also, it is a planet of good luck and I call it the Santa Claus of the zodiac. I look like a Santa Claus! Majestic mountain peaks swallowed by swirling waters, the mighty Himalayas and the Alps submerged and choking in oceanic pools, large chunks of land completely inundated, fires raging everywhere and turning homes Bejan Daruwalla is one of the most famous astrologers in the world, and certainly, the most famous in India, today.

He appears regularly on TV showsand has dedicated astrology columns in many Indian newspapers and magazines. Born on 11 July , Daruwalla served as a professor of nglish in Ahmedabad. I make predictions for some of the largest companiesin India.

Not all businesses use astrologers. It's entirely down to the individuals and it is more popular in some sectors - such as the flim industry - than others Here is positive proof of it. Is mighty true of both, writers and astrologers.

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We may expect the following happy results for the world:. Justice will be done to them and that to me is of vital importance.

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Ganesha claims, there will be a new and certainly more just and fair and equitable world order replacing our present state of affairs. Saturn in Libra will be in square or bad and ugly formation with Pluto in Capricorn. Hitler the tyrant and dictator fell. Therefore based upon what happened in the past I have tried to have a peep in to the future.