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Popular posts from this blog. However, some credible reports emerging out of Pakistan can give a pack of good news to India. It is believed that Masood Azhar was seriously hurt in the attack. It was immediately sealed by the Army and even local police was not allowed to enter. Journalists were taken to Jaba to give an impression that only few trees were fallen after Indian air strike. Masood Azhar was critical. He died on 2nd March, Pakistani establishment is aware of the condition of Masood Azhar.

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However, it is impossible for them to accept the truth for obvious reasons. The Foreign Minister has only let the world know that Masood is in Pakistan and is seriously ill. Some reports …. Read more.

Shweta Jain has become one of the most talked about names in Madhya Pradesh these days. The reason is unearthing of a big honey trap scandal where she used to make sex videos with powerful and rich men to blackmail them. She is the leader of the gang where many of her victims have paid in Crores.

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All of these three were involved in making sex videos. Apart from them, they also used to get service of many beautiful college going girls.

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The other Shweta Jain has no political connection. Barkha Soni is the wife of Anup Soni, a Congress leader.

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There are many sex videos that have gone viral over the social media. The wicked model has now gone. Hopefully, no one will ever attempt to go to this level to earn quick money. That unchanging character is what allows me to say that astrology is a pseudo- science. Geoffrey Dean, [see page 12] a scientist and former astrologer based in Perth, Australia said, Astrology has no acceptable mechanism, its principles are invalid, and it has failed hundreds of tests.

But no hint of these problems will be found in astrology books, which, in effect, are exercises in deception.

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They are scientists. The most that science can say about practices like homoeopathy and astrology is that they are not scientific or pseudo-scientific or impossible.

It does not have the authority to pronounce them as the occult practices that they are, which can only be done in the light of the revelation of the Bible. In a Sep. John Mialil SJ writes, citing astrologers failed predictions concerning Rajiv Gandhi: The predictions of astrologers are to be taken not with a grain of salt, but with sacks of salt.

It is this pseudo- science that they are trying to ram into the heads of the future hope of India and taking them back to the antiquated century-old superstitions! May right thinking people oppose it [see page 25]. Astrologers are literally tearing each others horoscopes to pieces because they draw up conflicting charts for the same person. This disagree on which zodiac to use: sidereal or tropical; the year of commencement of the Aquarian Age: it varies from around to the present time; the number of houses in the zodiac; the basis of prediction: conventional astrology or the sun sign model of celebrities like Linda Goodman [which bases readings on the position of the sun at the time of birth] and which serious followers term as slop or pop astrology, etc.

An example, from India Today October 20, Osho disciple and tarot reader Ma Prem Usha says, The sun-sign system gives an accurate insight into peoples personality traits. Rao, editor of Journal of Astrology disagrees, Sun-sign based divination is pure humbug, not predictive astrology. The American astrologer Buell D.

Dr. Jai Madaan

Huggins finds that the western method of secondary directions is unreliable and that the western system of aspects is false; also that the planetary rulerships generally apply only to the sidereal and not to the tropical signs [The Astrological Magazine January page 33]. Tucker agrees [Ptolemaic Astrology p 6]. On the other hand, Jeff Mayo says that the system of sidereal signs has completely failed whenever he tried to use it within western astrology [Teach Yourself Astrology p ]. Ingrid Lind sees nothing in favour of using sidereal signs for the astrological description of personality [Astrology and Commonsense, pp, ].

Astrology explained the physical and psychological characteristics of people as being solely determined by the stars. With the discovery of DNA and advances in other branches of science it is now known that such things are the result of an interplay between genetic imprints, environmental forces and the free choices that people make.

Astrologers have never given any rational or scientific explanation as to why a persons destiny, as fixed by the stars, is decided at his time of birth and not at conception, puberty or any other time. Ptolemy arbitrarily chose the time of birth, which while convenient, does not make it more valid. As a starting point for calculations, why not use the place of a persons birth, since the location of the planets are the basis of the zodiac? Why is a babys potential horoscope inhibited before birth merely because the child is in the womb?

prefabibme.gq Babies born at the same time and in the same place [latitude and longitude] should have the same natures and futures. Identical, fraternal and time twins should share the same kind of personality, career, experiences and death. Scientific studies have failed to establish even the slightest hint of any such relationship. In fact, proof cases of these astro-twins publicised by astrological magazines have been verified to be half-truths or outright frauds.

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The real factors that make each person unique are his heredity, environment, learning, beliefs, and choices. Conversely, when twins, or any other babies, are born at practically the same time and place, and have very different characters and lives, [like Esau and Jacob in Genesis 25], the correct predictions from their identical horoscopes would have to be very different. The main astrological counter-argument is that there is a spiritual part of every person that is not dealt with by astrology.

But if the single horoscope of twins is capable of such widely different interpretations, so is anyones horoscope. Astrology assumes that we can know a persons horoscope, but mass tragedies [e. The Holocaust] render all natal horoscopes invalid. The excuse given then is that mundane astrology overrules natal horoscopes.

Yet, this is an impossible answer. Natal astrology claims to determine the destiny of an individual according to planetary influences on him from birth till death, so everyone should live and die in a very different way.

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Astrology claims that it works because it can correctly identify a persons star sign by his personality, which, they also claim, can be verified by personal experience. But personal experience can never be accepted as proof of reliability. If one uses an objective scientific test to check the evidence, one finds that it is against astrology. Adolf Hitler addressed the International Congress on Astrology. A devout believer, he consulted astrologers for all his military plans. Before his death, they were still predicting a great future for him and for Germany.

Astrology claims that the horoscope of an individual determines that persons destiny, personality, the kind of occupation he will enter, etc. For example, Mars is strong in the horoscope of military personnel; those born under Libra will be artistic because Venus, the planet of art and beauty rules Libra. Noted journals have published a number of studies conducted to attempt to verify such claims, all of which were completely disproved.


Since the claim is that astrology is true because it works, it is reasonable to believe that its practitioners, after so many years of using it, would be among the worlds richest men. This is not found to be true. Astrologers claim that they have accurately foretold the future in such detail and on so many occasions, which shows it works.

Here is the full list of MPs sworn in as Union Ministers, Ministers of State

It is proven again that a deep-probing, detailed study of a horoscope became the Prime Minister of India. Suresh Angadi. The two systems for birth horoscopes are very different. Purushottam Rupala. In fact, proof cases of these astro-twins publicised by astrological magazines have been verified to be half-truths or outright frauds. Astrologer Usha Saxena. But Sage Kanad conducted nuclear test one lakh years ago.

But they publicise only the success stories and never admit any failures. Most statements are non-specific: There will be a major accident shortly, Good things will come your way. Such prophecies can be proved as true. A prediction that can be fulfilled by anything cannot be validated by anything. Daily horoscopes are so vague and woolly that any prediction under any sign will seem to be fulfilled. Several thousand people may read a prediction like Expect triumph, or You will receive news from a distant source.

The argument that a fulfilled prediction proves astrology, logically means that a failed one disproves it. But its defendants then argue that the stars impel, they do not compel, and the person did not cooperate with the stars. Astrologers claim that the Bible supports astrology. Scholarly study shows no evidence [see pages 12, 13].

Other astrologers argue that the Church has suppressed and excluded from the Canon certain lost books like The Aquarian Gospel and The Unknown Life of Christ which have evidence that Jesus believed in astrology and in reincarnation. In his book Modern Apocrypha, , Dr.