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Saros cycle series for solar eclipses occurs at the Moon's ascending node, repeating every 18 years and 11 days, containing 72 events. It consisted of 10 partial eclipses, 12 total eclipses, 4 hybrid events, 26 annular eclipses, and ends with 20 partial eclipses. The longest total eclipse of the series was in at 3 minutes and 50 seconds.

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Results from the WOW. Com Content Network. March 20 - Wikipedia en. March - Wikipedia en. June 26 - Wikipedia en. At this point, the duration of totality at greatest eclipse had again increased to over 5 minutes. The most recent member occurred on Jun 21 and its path crossed southern Africa on the summer solstice. After , the next member occurs on Jul 13 and passes through Australia and New Zealand. Web Search

On Jul 24, the series returns to the African continent producing a path through South Africa. The duration of totality drops as Saros continues to produce total eclipses during the 21st century. The last total eclipse of the series occurs on Aug 15 and lasts a maximum of 1 minute 38 seconds. The final 20 eclipses of the series are all partial events in the polar regions of the Southern Hemisphere.

The family terminates with the partial eclipse of Feb Click for detailed diagram Partial Lunar Eclipse of July It takes place 4. At the instant of greatest eclipse UT1 the Moon lies near the zenith from a location in South Africa.

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The event is well placed for observers in Europe, Africa, and South Asia. None of the eclipse will be visible from North America. South America will see later stages of the eclipse, which begins before the Moon rises. Table 5 lists predicted umbral immersion and emersion times for 25 well-defined lunar craters.

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The July 16 eclipse is the 21st eclipse of Saros This series began on Dec 09 and is composed of 79 lunar eclipses in the following sequence: 16 penumbral, 7 partial, 27 total, 8 partial, and 21 penumbral eclipses Espenak and Meeus, a. The first total eclipse is on Aug 17 and the final eclipse of the series is on Apr Click for detailed diagram Annular Solar Eclipse of December The last eclipse of the year is the third solar eclipse.

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A partial eclipse is visible from a much larger region covering much of Asia, northeast Africa, Oceana and western Australia Figure 6. The path width is kilometers and the duration of annularity is 2 minutes 59 seconds.

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Although Bahrain lies just outside the path, the southern half of Qatar is within the path of annularity. Continuing to the southeast, the path crosses the southern United Arab Emirates and northern Oman before entering the Arabian Sea. The antumbral shadow reaches the southwest coast of the Indian subcontinent at UT1.

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Traveling with a ground speed of about 1. It sweeps over northern Sri Lanka before heading into the Bay of Bengal. Greatest eclipse occurs in eastern Sumatra at UT1, with an annular duration of 3 minutes 39 seconds.

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Racing across the South China Sea, the central track crosses Borneo and the Celebes Sea as it curves to the northeast and passes south of the Philippines archipelago. As it heads across the western Pacific, the antumbral shadow encounters Guam at UT1. During the course of its 3. Path coordinates and central line circumstances are presented in Table 6.

Local circumstances and eclipse times for a number of cities in Asia are listed in Table 7. The Sun's altitude and azimuth, eclipse magnitude and eclipse obscuration are all given at the instant of maximum eclipse. The December 26 Solar Eclipse Circumstances Calculator is an interactive web page that can quickly calculate the local circumstances for the eclipse from any geographic location not included in Table 7. This is the 46th eclipse of Saros Espenak and Meeus, The series began on Aug 13 with a string of 20 partial eclipses. The series continued with 33 consecutive annular eclipses from Mar 17 to Mar Saros then changes character with 2 hybrid eclipses from Mar 23 to Apr The first of 7 total eclipses occurs on Apr The series reverts back to partial with the eclipse of Jun It will continue producing partial eclipses until the series ends on Sep In all, Saros produces 71 solar eclipses in the sequence of 20 partial, 33 annular, 2 hybrid, 7 total and 9 partial eclipses.

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The altitude a and azimuth A of the Sun or Moon during an eclipse depend on the time and the observer's geographic coordinates. They are calculated as follows:. During the eclipses of , the values for GST and the geocentric Right Ascension and Declination of the Sun or the Moon at greatest eclipse are as follows:. Of course, lunar eclipses aren't the only celestial shows in the next few years.

Simple explanation: what causes eclipses?

We'll also see solar eclipses, which occur when the moon passes in front of the sun from the Earth's perspective. NASA's website lists several occurring in the coming two years ; make sure to use specially designed solar-eclipse glasses to view the show.


Cafe Astrology reports on the solar eclipse and lunar eclipse: when they occur. Mar 27, PM Sun 6 Ari 46 Conjunct Moon 6 Ari 46(SE) Sep 5, Annular Solar Eclipse, New Moon March 27, - Online Moon Calendar. Astrology New Moon in Aries, Annular Solar Eclipse in Aries, Free Astrology Moon.

There will be a total solar eclipse on July 2 this year in the south Pacific, Chile and Argentina; regions nearby may experience partial solar eclipses, depending on the location. A "ring of fire" annular eclipse — which happens when the moon doesn't quite cover the entire sun, leaving a ring around the edges — will take place on Dec. A pair of solar eclipses will occur in , too. Then, on Dec. The United States, which experienced a total solar eclipse in , will get another total one in The planet Mercury will pass directly across the sun from Earth's perspective on Nov.

Unlike a solar eclipse, a transit takes several hours. But you will need special equipment to shield your eyes from the sun if you want to watch this planetary journey.