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Sign of the Chinese zodiac. Cook Spring Linguistics of the Tibeto-Burman Area.

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University of California, Berkeley published Fall Thai Guide to Thailand. Archived from the original on 8 July Retrieved 9 June ECS Nepal.


Archived from the original on 29 July Population and Development Review. Journal of Marriage and the Family. Your Chinese Astrology.

Chinese zodiac. There are 29 days in this period.

Years of the Dog

Here's the deal: Being born under the Fish constellation, you tend to be considerably Intuitive, Artistic, Generous, and Compassionate. Pisces tend to be very sensitive and reserved. While also being great listeners and friends. As Neptune, your ruling planet, aligns with Mercury this phase, you should notice changes in your intimate relationships. Make sure you're not vindictive towards your boyfriend or girlfriend this week. The wordly element linked to you by your sign is Water. Water is most associated with being calm, soothing, and healing.

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People associated with water are able to adapt to any situation, are able to find happiness wherever life takes them, and tend to be incredibly open to change. But do not take this easy going attitude for weakness. Although normally calm, and particularly easy going, this element is known to be one of the most ferocious and powerful of them all, be exceedingly cautious when they're in an off mood and don't force them into an unfavorable situation they don't want to be in.

Zodiac and Horoscope signs and traits are determined by the phases of the planets, which constellations you are born under, and draw energies from. Generally we have set dates for these astrological periods, but this doesn't tell the whole story! Dog is the eleventh in the year cycle of Chinese zodiac sign. Dog is man's good friend who can understand the human's spirit and obey its master, whether he is wealthy or not. The Chinese regard it as an auspicious animal. If a dog happens to come to a house, it symbolizes the coming of fortune. The invincible God Erlang in Chinese legend used a loyal wolfhound to help him capture monsters. Combining the zodiac cycle and the 5-element cycle, people show diverse traits and horoscope. See what kind of Dogs you are.

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They are not afraid of difficulties in daily life. These shining characteristics make them have harmonious relationship with people around. Strengths Valiant, loyal, responsible, clever, courageous, lively Weaknesses Sensitive, conservative, stubborn, emotional See more about Destiny by Birth Month.

Love Compatibility of the Dog.

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Best Matches: Rabbit They are born to be a perfect match. Similar personality traits and common hobbies add much fun to their love relationship.

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They can understand each other and face difficulties with enough patience. Both of them are not willing to share inner true feelings. The lack of effective communication and trust won't bring a happy and relaxing marriage life. See more about Chinese Zodiac Sign Compatibility.